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Stories have been told about the mystical lands that had once been home to the Vuln for generations. As a popular children's tale it was never taken seriously. However, one man, Trystan, did believe that all tales are based on fact and the tale of the Vuln was most intriguing for him. He travelled from village to village seeking more knowledge. As dusk approached, the sky lit with hues of red and orange, Trystan approached the next village ever hopeful but always disappointed. With a handful of thatched-roofed homes, a couple of stores around a market square and an inn, this was a typical village for the era. Trystan approached the inn and opened the door; the smell of stale mead hit him like a wave of scent.

Trystan walked up to the bar, eye to eye with the innkeeper whose dishevelled appearance was typical for these parts. In a calm and weary voice he asked: "Do you have a room I could rent for a few days?" The innkeeper scowled, looked Trystan up and down and wiped his dirty mouth with his sleeve. "Ten solars a night." Tossing a key on the bar, he grunted with another wipe of his sleeve: "Upstairs, first on the left."

Trystan paid and climbed the wooden staircase to his room, which was small and dusty as he was used to. Closing the doors behind him he could still hear the low rumble of drunken chatter and the odd argument. All he wanted to do was to sleep and gather his thoughts, to be ready to continue his search. Refreshed and eager, the ever confident and hopeful adventurer grabbed his leather-bound journal and made his way outside. "Where to begin?" he said to himself. His eyes got drawn to a small store with a few trinkets in the window display. As he opened the door his eyes lit up at the sight of so much history on display in various forms. He examined every item in detail and took his time, consulting his journal and then moving on to the next artefact. Four hours passed and, although he had still not had any breakfast, he was still pushing on.

He picked up what can only be described as medallion made out of an unusual metal that was warm to the touch and very heavy. It appeared by the indentation on the back that it could be used as a key. He knew in his heart this was a clue. Thrusting a pile of solars into the shopkeeper’s hand, he ran back to his room to inspect it further. The design on the surface appeared to be a map of the world with some landmasses he had not seen before. Inscribed along the edge was a line of text that he could not understand bar one word...Vuln!

He jumped out of his chair in excitement and without a second thought he gathered his belongings and made haste to the nearest port for a charter.

Will you follow the trail he left? Can you unearth the secrets of the Vuln?

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