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Fantastic Beasts


Hello, Welcome the world Fantastic Beast. Just like Newt takes in Beasts my beasts are players that form a Guild and i will try my best, me and more experienced guildies will help the new out and protect them. Anyone is welcome. Would you come into my world and be one my beasts and have fun time ?:) If you want to join you get to choose between billywags, or bowtruckle. Witch one you choose could mean winning or losing battles. I mean billways will go against bowtruckles in games, quizzes, and skills. Probably more when i think of it :). Which team will you choose.? If you want to join whisper Spooky, or BakerTommy. Or message one of us. Spooky is almost always lurking :)

Bowtruckle is shown below.


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