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A wide variety of fish and other dishes will require various culinary skills, using different tools of the profession. Cooked food will be essential to have available when you choose to combat, to replenish your hit points.

Grab some raw food, Wood and head to the stoves, and cook up a storm for your inventory and guild storages.

Tools for Cooking

ToolsObtained Effect
TinderboxBought at Marvilla or Crafted none
Gold Embossed TinderboxEvent Drop -10% Time
+5% Success

Frozium Tinderbox
Christmas 2018 -10% Cooking Time
Motar and PestleBought at Marvilla None
Chefs HatTailoring+5% Success
-3 Seconds
Chefs ApronTailoring+5% Success
-3 Seconds
Basic SmokerCrafting none

Types of Cooking and Locations

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