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 +======= Deer =======
 +Deer can live in a variety of biomes, however for years now they have taken to the forest and mountains situated around Ald. not much is known as to why they have chosen to live here, but now do so in large numbers making Ald a keen spot for novice hunters looking for more of a challenge.
 +Deer are known to be jumpy if the hunter wants to be Successful they will need a ranged weapon of some kind to tackle these large creatures.
 +The Hunters have left documentation detailing the deer below to assist fellow hunters.
 +^ Level ^ Type    ^ Drops   ​^Location ​       ^XP  ^Bait ^Tool ^
 +| 5     | [[Deer]]| {{https://​​images/​inventory/​raw%20meat.png}} [[Raw Meat]] \\ {{https://​​images/​inventory/​Amber.png}} [[Amber]] ​  \\ {{:​inventory:​bone.png}} [[Bone]]\\ {{https://​​images/​inventory/​Treasure%20Chest.png}} [[Treasure Chest]] ​  \\ {{https://​​images/​inventory/​hide.png}} ​ [[Hide]] ​ | [[Ald]] ​      | 20 | None|{{:​inventory:​basic_bow.jpg?​}}[[Basic Bow]]\\ {{:​inventory:​arrows.png?​}}[[Arrows]] |