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Farming involves planting seeds and harvesting crops to be used in cooking and feeding livestock. It also allows you keep livestock in order to obtain milk, eggs and other resources.

You may increase the size of your farmland .. and subsequently, the amount of crops planted, by increasing your farming level.

The rot formula is 6 hours + (farming level - level required). Be sure and check your crops!

Land for livestock unlocks at certain levels and requires a constructor to build it for you.

Special Equipment

NameLevel RequirementEffects
Amethysian Reaper Scythe20-10% Farming Timer

Wild Harvests

Around Triborn you can find crops grown in the wild that can be harvested without the need for a farm or planting seeds.

Level Name Image Ingredients Drops Location Exp
0WheatWheat DiamondBergerce10
5HayHay Bergerce18
10Flour MillFlourWheat x 2?Bergerce20
35Blood LettuceNavine50

Player Farmland

All seeds provide 1 exp per seed when planted.

Level SeedTimeHarvest XPDrops
1Lettuce Seed12-24 Hours2Lettuce
5Mushroom Seed18-36 Hours3Mushroom
Chicken Feed
10Onion Seed24 - 36 Hours8Onion
Chicken Feed
Pig Feed
20Tomato Seed48 Hours6Tomato
30Apple Seed48 Hours12Apple
45Orange Seed78 Hours?Orange
XCucumber SeedunknownXCucumber
XBlueberry SeedunknownXBlueberry
Level SeedTimeHarvest XPDrops
1Halloween Pumpkin SeedunknownXHalloween Pumpkin
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