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There is a multitude of fish to be caught in the lakes, rivers and oceans around Triborn and all are sought after by the cooks of the land. Fishing is one of the main sources of raw food and used to make many varied dishes for both combat and other skills. So find your favourite fishing hole and cast in your line. Rest assured that your day's catch will be welcomed by all.

Your fishing skill can also be combined with your sailing skill to enable you to go sea fishing. You must ensure you are well prepared before you depart, this includes ensuring you have sufficient bait, food and deck hands.


Lobster Trap15None
Advanced Fishing Net20-5 Fishing timer
Harpoon 50None
Advanced Fishing Rod20-5 Fishing timer
Advanced Lobster Trap30?

Types of Fish

Level Fish Drops Location XP Tool Bait
1 Sardine Fish Oil
Old Safe
Old Barrel
Ald Lake 15 Net None
5 Mackerel Fish Oil
Treasure Chest
Old Safe
Old Barrel
Ald Lake 17 Net None
10 Herring Fish Oil
Old Safe
Old Barrel
Ald Lake 26 Net None
15 Lobster Old Barrel
Fish Oil
Old Safe
Krysvol Docks 30 Lobster Trap Mackerel
25 Tuna Old Barrel
Fish Oil
Old Safe
Marvillia Docks 38 Rod
35 Sole Fish Oil Achwand Docks 45 Rod
50 Sturgeon Undiscovered Loury 57 Harpoon
60 Skate Undiscovered Undiscovered 70 Rod
65 Grouper Undiscovered Undiscovered 90 Rod
75 Eel Undiscovered Undiscovered 105 Large Net
85 Blue Marlin Undiscovered Undiscovered 155 Rod
100 Sablefish Undiscovered Undiscovered 200 Rod
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