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 +Go back to [[Combat|Combat Page]]
 +Cooked food:
 +^Cooked Food^HP Value^
 +|Sardine| 2hp|
 +|Mackerel| 3hp|
 +|Herring | 4hp|
 +|Lobster | 6hp|
 +|Tuna | 7hp|
 +^Smoked Food^HP Value^
 +^Grown Food^HP Value^
 +^Misc. and Event Foods^HP Value^
 +|Cooked Frozen Fish|12hp|
 +|Cooked Kissing Fish|20hp|
 +|Cooked Reindeer Meat|20hp|
 +|Halloween Pumpkin|20hp|
 +Reference [[Farming|Farming Page]] and [[Cooking|Cooking Page]] for levels