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Getting Started


Welcome to Triborn! This page will help give you a head start on how you can navigate the game.
I'll try to make this as brief as possible and leave it up to your exploring nature to find out most of the dynamics. When you like spoilers or are completely lost to where to go in the game you already found the right spot in these manual pages. They are created by and for our players, and only reveal what's already been found.

You can communicate with your fellow Tribornians using the chat window. Note there are different channels

  • World : General chat for everyone
  • Help : This is the place to ask all game related questions
  • Trade : in need of something, like to sell something else, this is your advertising place
  • Guild : to talk in private with the people in your guild.

Remember this game is still in beta, so expect things to change.


Please read the Rules for Triborn prior to continuing.

Starting map

When entering the game you find yourself in Marvillia and your screen will look somewhat like this.

Walking Around

In the top left corner of the screen is the minimap.
This area is used to navigate from town to town.
To move around you need to click on the location you like to move to.

REMARK : When you have a current action present (as in the image) you need to click on the timer of the action to stop the action before you can start walking.


Underneath the mini map you can find all available skills in the game. It also indicates you progress in the different skills. When you click on a skill it will open and give you your details about that specific skill.

More information about the different skills and the locations you can find them can be found in the skill pages in this manual, you can use the links below.

attack defence strength

Town Menu - Town Actions

In the central pane underneath the chat window you can find the town menu. To your left you can find the available actions. In the center you can see your current action and the action timer. Once the timer reaches 0 you performed an action, gained some experience in the selected skill and might gain some resources (drops). To stop an action click on the timer. You must stop a current action before selecting a different action, traveling or changing equipment.

Marvillia Market

You can purchase select items in the town of Marvillia where you begin your adventure in Triborn!

Game info

In the top right you can find some information about the game. It contains a row of “flashing knobs” indicating if there is any boost active. Clicking these buttons will give you a pop-up with more details. The last button in the row allows you to force a bot check.

Underneath the buttons you can find some general information about your character. Such as

  • your character level
  • your wealth (Solars is the currency in Triborn)
  • your honour
  • your health


Underneath the game info you can see your inventory. Anything you gather in the game will be present here. There is no limitation to how much you can carry.

Equipping Items

Ensure that you are not currently performing a task in order to equip an item. For example, if you are woodcutting you need to click the timer in order to stop woodcutting to equip an item from your inventory.

If you have an issue equipping an item try the following:

1) Ctrl + F5 - Refresh 2) Move Locations 3) Log out and back in

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