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One of the most difficult skills to learn in Triborn, Magic is the power to summon the elements and energy of the long lost Vuln. You will have to study hard, journey far and find some of the most rare items around to use the powerful spells and potions.

Skill Points & MP

Each magic level you gain will grant you 1 Skill Point and +1 Max MP
Max MP is a combination of Magic and Character Levels + 10 (eg, Magic lvl 5, Character lvl 5 = 20MP)
Spell Book Pages can be bought/traded from other players or found while working on skills that have drops
Each Spell will require a number of Pages, Skill Points and a Resource to learn

Spell Duration

Duration of spells is a minimum of 10 minutes plus (magic lvl + spell lvl / 2)
Spells can be cast on yourself using the MP Menu in the top right corner, or on other players of Triborn using the town menu.

Crushing Gems

You can crush gems at Celestin Rock on the island of Icoth to earn magic XP.
You can crush amber, diamond, amethyst, ruby and emeralds

Celestine RockIcoth
Method Exp Tool Fail?Cost
Crushing Gems 100 Staff No None


Worshipping Elana

Magic can also be trained by worshiping at a cost of MP.

IgnisIcoth 15 Staff1MP
Ikstrine Hellfyre Cavern 15 Staff1MP


Worshipping at Ignis and IkstrineIncreases .01
Casting SpellsIncreases 1 each spell
Sacrificing BonesDecreases .1 per action
Sacrificing SkullsDecreases .3 per action
Opening Bone ChestsDecreases 10 per action


Used for Crushing Gems and Worshipping

Types of StavesLevel Requirement
Magic Staff1
Advanced Magic Staff15

Special Potions

Vial of Cavern Water ?

Spell book Pages and Spells

Clicking on your MP in the upper right corner will open your Spell book. Lightfoot is the first spell in your Spell book and is available to everyone from the beginning.

Spell book pages can be converted into skill points at a 2:1 ratio at the exchange in Marxzel.
Once you have the right items and skill points, you can learn new spells in your Spell book to help you in your adventures.

Spell Name Skill Pages Needed Points Needed Items NeededEffects
LightfootSpeed000-5 Travel time
Learn Rapid RodFishing1101000 Lobster-5 Fishing time
Learn Strong ArmMining1101000 Iron Ore-5 Mining time
Learn Timber TimeWoodcutting1101000 Wood-5 Woodcutting time
Learn Master BaiterHunting1101000 Raw Meat-5 Hunting time
Learn Fancy FingersCrafting1101000 Hides-5 Crafting time
Learn Quick CookCooking1101000 Cooked Herring-5 Cooking time
Learn Hammer TimeSmithing1101000 Bronze Bars-5 Smithing time
Learn Get NailedConstruction1101000 Iron Nails-5 Construction time
Learn Green FingersFarming1101000 Lettuce-5 Farming time
Learn SearcherForaging1101000 Glass-5 Foraging time

Special Equipment and Food

Plain Easter EggRestores 2 MP
Valentine CookieRestores 3 MP
Yellow Easter EggRestores 4 MP
Pumpkin PieRestores 5 MP
Red Easter EggRestores 5 MP
Blue Easter EggRestores 8 MP
Green Easter EggRestores 10 MP
Pink Easter EggRestores 13 MP
Silver Easter EggRestores 20 MP
Gold Easter EggRestores 50 MP
1st Birthday CakeRestores 50 MP
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