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Here is a page to introduce all of the players to Triborn's Staff Team

The admin and Mod Team

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EvertGame Owner/AdminEvert is the owner and creator of Triborn, he has been playing online games for around 12 years. He has always wanted to make his own game and this year (2018) that dream became a reality. In his spare time he enjoys coding, doing his university studies and chilling out in front of the TV with Sapphire.
SapphireAdmin (makes all of the in game images)Sapphire lives in Hastings, England with her partner Mark (Evert), they have a dog Greta and two cats Lyra and Piper. Sapphire has been playing online games for around 5 years. In her spare time she enjoys art, movies and keeping up with her favourite TV shows!
PandikeChat ModeratorLikes playing with wood and bones, not really sure why
SolunarDeveloper/Forum Moderator (Makes all of the Game Maps)Solunar lives in the UK, and is currently studying a PhD in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Manchester. Outside of that, he loves to travel, take pictures, and do artsy stuff like sewing plushies and making rpg maps. Solunar's been playing games like Triborn since 2010, almost 8 years now!
FoozardChat ModeratorMy name is Mason, 20, have been playing text based games on and off for the last 10 years after my Grandpa got me into playing Syrnia. I'm from the United States, in the state of Michigan, and am currently studying to be an accountant. This is my first time being a mod on a game so please be patient.
Broken HaloChat ModeratorHi, I'm Broken Halo, I'm a bit broken but still good. I live in Australia and yes i like Vegemite. I live in a very small community with my hubby. We have 2 dogs, a cat, a horse and 3 grown up kids who are the center of my world. I think I am a fairly kind and caring person but like everyone I have my not so nice moments lol.
WillieForum ModeratorHello. I'm Willie. I like moderating forums and watching numbers tick down and doing math problems once an hour. Things like that. I'm currently voted Triborn's sexiest Mod. So thats pretty cool.

The Guide Team

Display PictureNameRollAbout
MarleyChat Moderator/Lead GuideMarley lives in a land that's part ice and snow and part 24 hour daylight. She's been playing text based games for the past six years, and has developed a pixel addiction. If anyone knows of a local Pixels Anonymous group please send her the information. P.S. - Interventions have failed in the past, so don't even try it.
LosainGuideLosain has been an avid player of role-playing games for many years. He began his journey into networked realms playing and developing online RPGs nearly 25 years ago. Located in the northeast US, he is online often and always willing to lend a hand.
RudolphGuideRudolph is was born on Sept 18, he lives on the East Coast of the US. He has been playing browser based games for around 2 years, he enjoy meeting the players and getting to know them. He enjoys reading in his spare time and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer jokes.
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