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The world around us is loaded with precious metals! These metals are used to craft the items, armour, and weapons we use throughout Triborn!

Will you equip that pickaxe and start mining in hopes to obtain riches buried within the world?!

Mining Tutorial

Click Here for an in depth mining how to guide.

Special Equipment

Mining Lamp 15Drop Rate increased 5%

Special Food

Blueberry Pie -5 Mining time for 20 minutes


Deep within the dark depths of Triborn are the resources of the land, used vastly across all of Triborn. Many miners have took to the underground in search of such valuable resources. They say Maalsaz is the ideal place to start looking for these resources.


Type LevelEffects
Bronze Pickaxe1None
Earth Warriors Pickaxe 10 -4 Mining timer
Iron Pickaxe15-2 Mining timer
Steel Pickaxe30-3 Mining timer
Silver Pickaxe45-4 Mining timer
Duanium Pickaxe60?
Gold Pickaxe???
Mithril Pickaxe???
Tribornium Pickaxe???
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