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Smithing is a time honoured profession, and the cornerstone of many other skills. Use the smelting furnace to forge bars from your ores. Then employ your trusty hammer to transform the bars into tools for various trades, armour to shield combaters, and other items.

Can you handle the heat of the furnace?

Type of training

Special Equipment

NameLevel RequirementEffects
Amethysian Hammer20-10% Smithing Timer
Frozium Hammer30-10% Smithing Timer


Type LevelEffects
Bronze Hammer1None
Iron Hammer15-2 Smithing timer
Steel Hammer30-3 Smithing timer
Silver Hammer45-4 Smithing timer
Duanium Hammer60?
Gold Hammer???
Mithril Hammer???
Tribornium Hammer???
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