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Your speed level determines how fast you travel between towns, as your level increases you will also be able to use better equipment to further decrease your time travelling. Certain in game locations may require a certain level to access. While using mounts you will have an even greater decrease in travel time at the cost of gaining less experience.

Level Name Image Effect Bonus Penalty Slot
1 Walking Boots-5 Seconds None None Feet
5Walking StickWalking Stick -3 SecondsNoneNoneRight Hand
10Woolen Gloves -3 Seconds None NoneGloves
15 Leather CapLeather Cap -2 Seconds None NoneHead
25 DonkeyDonkey -15 Seconds None -25% ExpMount
30 Hiking PolesHiking Poles -5 Seconds None NoneLeft + Right Hands
35 Pelt Coat -3 Seconds None NoneBody
40 Travellers Scarf -5 Seconds +2 Drops NoneRight Hand
50 HorseHorse -25 Seconds None -40% ExpMount


While walking you can find various flowers across the land. Some of these flowers are used as ingredients in various recipes and magic potions.

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